My main research interest focuses on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Acquiring non-invasive images in longitudinal studies with a submillimeter resolution in vivo offers great options and possibilities in research. In combination with PET, where biological information is added, detailed insights into disease mechanisms can be gained. My main field is imaging of the abdomen, including non-alcoholic liver diseases, cancer detection and monitoring of tumor growth and / or therapy response, using high resolution images for lesion detection and localized MR spectroscopy and PET for disease characterization

Early diagnosis and imaging of therapy response are the most interesting challenges in radiology, as many diseases become as lethal as they are due to a late diagnosis. Information about lesion size and number, tumor growth characteristics or of the success or failure of a therapy is of major importance as it allows fast therapeutical interaction (e.g. different or additional therapies, surgery,…).

Recent projects include different MRI and PET examination protocols for in vivo cancer detection, monitoring and phenotyping of breast and liver cancer, as well as imaging of beta-cells in the realm of pancreatic cancer and diabetes.

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PhD student