• Science Day 2021 - University of Tübingen

    At the Tübingen Science Day on 2 July, there is a lot to learn and research to experience up close.

    Among others Professor Dr. Bettina Weigelin will give a takl on the topic:

    "T Killer Cells in the Fight against Cancer - Success Requires Teamwork".

    Due to the Corona pandemic, the Tübingen Science Day is a hybrid event. You can join in person or follow the live stream on You Tube.

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  • New Horizons - Symposium in honor to Prof. Dr. Mikhail Shapiro and workshop

    On 25.10.-26.10.2022, a symposium on "New Horizons in Precision Medical imaging and Therapy" will take place. Keynote speaker will be Prof. Dr. Mikhail Shapiro, Caltec, USA. The symposium will be located in the "Alte Aula", the historic lecutre hall in Tübingen.

    On 27.10.2022, a demonstration workshop on "Gene-encoded Gas Vesicles for Molecular Focused Ultrasound Imaging in Cells" will follow. The workshop will be given in the WSIC lab.

    Please have a look at the event page for further details and registration. click here

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