Within the framework of our running projects we are permanently looking for talented and motivated

PhD Students and Postdoctoral Fellows


1. Personalized motivation letter including the specialization of interest

2. A complete CV (including photograph and date of birth)

3. Certificates and grades of University educations and potential jobs/interns

4. Names and contact details of at least three (PhD-students) or two (Master students) referees (former professor/advisor/mentor)

Master Thesis

We offer a project for a Master's student.

Master Thesis: “Sugar analogs as a platform for molecular imaging”

Field: chemistry, biochemistry, radiochemistry

In recent years, research on new radiotracers for positron emission tomography has significantly accelerated and several new scaffolds have emerged. In particular, sugar-based radiotracers have shown to be able to capitalize on the specific pathways involved in eukaryote and prokaryotes metabolism and ultimately lead to their detection by PET imaging.

In order to expand the library of sugar-based radiotracers and their precursors for their use in specific imaging of cancer cells and of bacterial infections, and within the framework of a master’s thesis, we are looking for a dedicated chemist/biochemist/radiochemist master student (m/f/d) to join an ongoing project at the interface between chemistry and biology. While the core of the project will be centered around chemical modification of sugar analogs, further involvement in in vitro and possibly in vivo experiments documenting the behavior of radiolabeled sugars in various pathologies is foreseen.

Interested candidates are welcome to contact Dr. N. Beziere Dr. J. Cotton and provide a CV in English:

nicolas.beziere( at )med.uni-tuebingen.de
Jonathan.Cotton( at )med.uni-tuebingen.de


We permanently have running projects and are looking forward for applications of highly motivated and enthusiastic students willing to perform their Bachelor or Master Thesis or their Internship in our lab.

Applicants are invited to send their applications including CV, motivation and research interest to:

Dr. Carsten Calaminus