"In vivo T cell activation kinetics visualized by longitudinal OX40 and CD69-ImmunoPETduring combination cancer therapy"

Simone Blaess

Immunology and Infection

"Simultaneous in vivo PET/MRI Imaging of the homing dynamics of CD8+ T cells and phagocytes in acute and chronic cutaneous Delayed-Type-Hypersensitivity-Reaction (DTHR)"

Julia Stahl

Disease models, translational approaches I / Neuroimaging

"Erythropoietin receptors can be targeted in human and rat stroke tissue using [89Zr]-Deferoxamine-EPO"

Kristin Patzwaldt

Data Analysis & Methodology

"Comparison of autoencoders for tissue classification in histopathology images"

Prateek Katiyar

Imaging Immune Disorders

"Omics profiling of inflammatory immune response in GPI-induced arthritis"

Mohamed Ali Jarboui

Imaging Metabolism

"Effect of Fasting on the Metabolome: A Standardization Approach"

Patricia Wenk

Immunology & Inflammation | Inflammatory Responses

"PET imaging of 64Cu-NOTA labeled platelet glycoprotein VI (GPVI): towards a new tracer for imaging of sterile inflammation"

Dr. Kerstin Fuchs

New Methods in Neuroimaging

"A Simultaneous PET/fMRI Protocol to Quantify Molecular and Functional Changes in a Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease"

Laura Kuebler

Visualization of tumour growth and progression

"Regulation of tumor engraftment, growth dynamics and glucose metabolism in anaplastic large cell lymphoma by CD147"

Dr. Christoph Griessinger