The opening event of the Werner Siemens Imaging Center and the new GMP radiopharmacy facility took place on Friday, 21st November 2014. Together with those important milestones for the imaging science in Tuebingen, we also celebrated 10 years preclinical imaging research at the University and Medical Faculty of Tuebingen.

The Swiss Werner Siemens-Foundation supports our imaging center since 2007, endowed a chair for preclinical imaging and imaging technology and awarded in 2012 8 million Euros toward an improved infrastructure which allowed us to construct a new imaging center equipped with latest MRI, optical and PET imaging technologies.

The opening event was accompanied by a scientific symposium which provided an overview about our current research activities and the range of disciplines our lab is covering.

We are proud that we could win for our symposium two internationally renowned speakers, Prof. Jason Lewis, Director of Memorial Sloan Kettering's Radiochemistry and Molecular Imaging Probe Core Facility, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY, U.S.A., and Prof. Robert Gillies, Senior Member of the Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida, U.S.A., who spotlighted the emerging field of imaging science.

Prof. Markus Schwaiger and Robert Nutt, two close friends and supporters of our imaging center, provided a retrospect of our 10 years development.

Scientific Symposium

The scientific symposium took place at the Festsall Neue Aula of the University of Tübingen.


Prof. Dr. Bernd Engler, Rector of the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen

Prof. Dr. Ingo Autenrieth, Dean of the Medical Faculty

Gerd von Brandenstein, Werner Siemens-Foundation

Prof. Dr. Markus Schwaiger, Technical University of Munich, Munich

Dr. Kristina Fischer, Department of Preclinical Imaging and Radiopharmacy

Dr. Christoph Grießinger, Department of Preclinical Imaging and Radiopharmacy

Dr. Stefan Wiehr, Department of Preclinical Imaging and Radiopharmacy

PD Dr. Gerald Reischl, Department of Preclinical Imaging and Radiopharmacy

Dr. Hans Wehrl, Department of Preclinical Imaging and Radiopharmacy

Prof. Dr. Jason Lewis, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, U.S.A.

Prof. Dr. Robert Gillies, Moffitt Cancer Center, U.S.A.

Robert E. Nutt, former President Siemens Preclinical Solution

Visit the labs

Following the scientific symposium, we had an open door event where our guests had the chance to visit the laboratories and the state-of-the-art equipment of the Department, including all buildings and laboratories

Opening party

The opening party took place at the restaurant Kasino am Neckar, enabeling everyone to meet up with collegues, long lasting friends and invited guest.