The Faculty of Medicine Tübingen is one of the top-ranking medical faculties in Germany and provides an excellent environment for graduate studies due to well-equipped research laboratories, up-to-date core facilities and Tübingen’s active community of outstanding scientists in the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Science, the Max Planck Institutes and Helmholtz Research Units.


The research at the Faculty of Medicine is characterized by a concentration on nationally and internationally competitive, interdisciplinary research focus areas. These research focus areas include the neurosciences, oncology and immunology, infection research and vascular medicine with diabetes research. Innovative biomedical technology and imaging science act as a bridge connecting the focus areas, as do internal core facilities and the interdisciplinary research networks (collaborative research centers, clinical research groups and research centers). In addition, independent research sections are integrated in a large number of clinical departments.


National and international research collaborations often lay the foundation for innovative and successful research. For this reason, numerous research groups in the Faculty of Medicine Tübingen participate in national and international research consortia and networks. We maintain active collaborations with many universities worldwide.

Cutting-edge core facilities

Our central service facilities for research, the so-called “Core Facilities”, provide you with the opportunity to acquire both up-to-date service support and the latest scientific knowhow. Modern technology and services which would otherwise demand an extremely long and intensive period of training, are the mainstay of the core facilities. During our lecture series and seminars, all PhD students are introduced to these methodological opportunities, including Microarray GeneChip, Transgenic Animals, Flow Cytometry, Laser Dissection, In situ Hybridization and Proteomics, as well as good manufacturing practice (GMP). A center for clinical studies supports all processes involved in clinical studies, from the design of a study to the conduct of trials.

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