The "New Horizons in Precision Medical Imaging and Therapy" symposium, held in Tübingen 25.-26.10.2022, aimed to bring leading scientists in imaging, oncology, microbiology, and translational sciences together and discuss new frontiers in these cross-sectional topics. This unique event honored the excellent contributions of Prof. Mikhail Shapiro – awarded during the symposium with the "New Horizons Fellowship" of the Excellence Strategy at the University of Tübingen. All participants had a gradt time with lots of fruitful discussions and new impressions. Click here for official flyer.

Prof. Shapiro is an outstanding leader and influenced a broad range of scientific fields worldwide. His laboratory has developed the first gene-encoded reporter genes for ultrasound imaging with single-cell resolution and discovered fundamental biophysical, biomedical, and biochemical mechanisms with application in oncology and neurology.