One of the first human PET/MR systems worldwide is located at University Hospital Tuebingen

Due to the close connection of the WSIC with the University Hospital in Tuebingen, we have the chance to directly translate promising research projects into the clinical environment. In our group, scientists and clinicians collaborate on the interconnection of preclinical research and clinical routine. Focused on the integration of clinical demands into our preclinical infrastructure, we established a strong platform for translational projects at the WSIC. Next to various clinically driven approaches, we have the expertise to design dedicated clinical trials and interdisciplinary workflows to transfer our groups’ preclinical work into a clinical setting. Furthermore, our cooperation on clinical questions provides sophisticated imaging technology, complex data analysis or advanced tissue characterization as innovative methods to be used in clinical studies and patient care. Utilizing this exceptional infrastructure, our University Hospital pioneered multimodality imaging, specifically PET/MR over the last years.



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Group Leader: Dr. Castaneda Vega