• New Horizons - Symposium in honor to Prof. Dr. Mikhail Shapiro and workshop

    On 25.10.-26.10.2022, a symposium on "New Horizons in Precision Medical imaging and Therapy" will take place. Keynote speaker will be Prof. Dr. Mikhail Shapiro, Caltec, USA. On 27.10.2022, a demonstration workshop on "Gene-encoded Gas Vesicles for Molecular Focused Ultrasound Imaging in Cells" will follow.

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  • WSIC receives 18.4 million euros in funding from the Werner Siemens Foundation

    The Werner Siemens Imaging Center (WSIC) at the Radiological University Hospital Tübingen and the Medical Faculty of the University of Tübingen is pleased to announce that it has received a total of 18.4 million euros in funding from the Swiss Werner Siemens Foundation (WSS)

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  • Innovative method to improve cancer immunotherapy

    The Preclinical Imaging and Radiopharmacy Department of the University Hospital Tübingen and ImaginAb, a global market leading biotech company, are cooperating in the field of cancer immunotherapy making Tübingen Europe's first center for the production of radiolabeled CD8 minibodies.

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