The development of new tracers for PET imaging is a vital step toward understanding unexplored disease related biochemical pathways. Furthermore, disease-specific imaging tracers enable early diagnosis, stratification and therapy monitoring. In the field of preclinical imaging, these tracers serve as important readouts for the development of novel therapeutic approaches and drugs. The design, synthesis and optimization of such tracers and the development of the synthetic processes to make them are critical steps in the establishment of new target-specific diagnostic imaging strategies.

Our new small-molecule probes and precursors are synthesized and characterized in our organic chemistry labs based on rational design and in close cooperation with our in-house and external partners. Biomolecule conjugation and labeling with radiometals is well-established in our lab and benefits from the reliable supply of high-quality Cu-64 and other radioisotopes from our clinical radiopharmacy team.

Our modern radiochemical facilities are equipped with advanced synthesis modules in dedicated lead hot cells. This allows us to radiolabel and produce new and routine tracers for in vivo preclinical imaging research.

Group leader: Prof. Dr. Anna Junker

Head of Radiopharmacy: Prof. Dr. Gerald Reischl