The Department of Preclinical Imaging and Radiopharmacy is one of five Departments within the Radiology at the University Hospital Tübingen (UKT).

Herein, the Werner Siemens Imaging Center funded by the Swiss Werner Siemens Foundation has evolved from a small laboratory into a leading international imaging science center over the last 10 years. The interdisciplinary nature of our team is mirrored in the variety of research areas covered by the Werner Siemens Imaging Center.

We invite you to screen our web pages to learn about our research and the fascinating options that preclinical and molecular imaging offers.

European Molecular Imaging Meeting 2019 in Glasgow, UK

The 14th annual meeting of the ESMI will take place from19 to 22 March 2019 in Glasgow, UK.

Plenary Lectures:

WOLFGANG BAUMEISTER, Martinsried - Germany

ESMI & PhD Award winners 2018

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Summer School 2019 "Converging Imaging and Systems Medicine"

The summer school is intended to provide an in-depth training of early-stage researchers to gain a cross-disciplinary knowledge within the fields of multiparametric imaging, histopathology, liquid biopsy, imaging omics and systems medicine.

Improve your skills in:
● Macroscopic/Microscopic Imaging
● Systems Medicine
● Omics
● Data Integration

Save the date:
20 - 24 May 2019, Castle Ringberg, Germany

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K.H. Eberle-Innovation Award for Tübingen Research Project

The Dr. K. H. Eberle-Innovation award was granted on Thursday at the University Tübingen to Prof. Robert Feil and Dr. Susanne Feil (Interfacultary Institute for Biochemistry) together with Prof. Bernd Pichler (Werner Siemens Imaging Center) for the development of alternative methods in animal research.

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2nd Edition of "Small Animal Imaging" published

This textbook is a practical guide to the use of small animal imaging in preclinical research that will assist in the choice of imaging modality and contrast agent and in study design, experimental setup, and data evaluation.

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