The Department of Preclinical Imaging and Radiopharmacy is one of five Departments within the Radiology at the University Hospital Tübingen (UKT).

Herein, the Werner Siemens Imaging Center funded by the Swiss Werner Siemens Foundation has evolved from a small laboratory into a leading international imaging science center over the last 10 years. The interdisciplinary nature of our team is mirrored in the variety of research areas covered by the Werner Siemens Imaging Center.

We invite you to screen our web pages to learn about our research and the fascinating options that preclinical and molecular imaging offers.

Dr. Bettina Weigelin appointed as new Professor

Dr. Bettina Weigelin, group leader of the Multiscale Immunoimaging group, has been appointed as a new professor at the faculty of medicine. Prof. Bettina Weigelin will focus her research on intravital microscopy of immune function in solid tumors and their metastases, as well as tumor invasion and the general biology of cancer. By visualizing the interplay of single cells in living tissue, her results contribute to a better understanding of tumor resistance mechanisms in order to develop new and more effective approaches for cellular immunotherapy.

Multiscale Immunoimaging Group

Dr. Kristina Herfert appointed as new Professor

Dr. Kristina Herfert, group leader of the Neurology group, has been appointed as a new professor at the faculty of medicine. Prof. Herfert and her group will focus on molecular, metabolic, and functional brain imaging in small animals using PET and combined PET/MR imaging, PET tracer development in neurodegenerative diseases, and combining genome engineering technologies (e.g., CRISPR/Cas, optogenetics) with PET and MR imaging technologies. The outcome of their investigations aim to provide novel tools for molecular imaging approaches and therefore contribute to translational bench-to-bedside approaches within the clinics. Her work is supported by the Carl-Zeiss-Foundation.

Functional and Metabolic Brain Imaging Group

Dr. André Martins honored with Sofja Kovalevskaja Award (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) 2020

Dr. André Martins, group leader ot the Hyperpolarized & Multimodal Contrast Imaging Science group, is one of this year's recipients of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's Sofja Kovalevskaja Award. This award, one of the highest endowed science awards in Germany, honors talented early-career international researchers. It provides up to 1.65 million euros for a five-year research project and enables establishing an independent research group at a research institution in Germany.

Press release University of Tübingen

Press release Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Joint Tübingen - Stanford Symposium: Imaging Cancer Immunotherapy

On the 24th of January twenty-five outstanding researchers of both universities met at the University Campus of Stanford, CA to exchange, discuss and develop new ideas in the field of imaging cancer immunotherapy.

There has been extensive recent progress in the development and success of immunotherapies for various types of cancer. ImmunoPET has emerged as a technique well suited towards addressing the challenges inherent to monitoring immune response. For this antibodies are valuable tools for imaging of immune cells. Due to their biological origin, their large size and delicate structure hampering complete characterization, production of antibody-based radiotracers requires significantly more effort and financial resources compared to small-molecule tracers.

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