Innovation is the driving force of all progress.

As a result of our recent research we developed a few forward-looking solutions for biomedical imaging.

If you are interested in licensing these ideas, do not hestitate to contact us:
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Radiolabeled beta-Galactosidase for PET imaging of senescence (WO 2018/153966 A1)

This invention is based on the finding that beta galactoside derivatives, carrying radioactive labels accumulate in senescent cells and can be used to reliably mark and detect said senescent cells both in vitro and in vivo. In vivo detection of senescent cells offers in turn improved access to such cells by surgery or therapy. more

Gamma detector based on geigermode avalanche photodiodes (EP 2707751 A2)

This invention relates to a Gamma Detector comprising a scintillation crystal block and a set of Geigermode Avalanche Photodiode (G-APD) sensor elements optically coupled to at least a first surface of the scintillation crystal block. more

Halogenated Benzoxazines and Use thereof (EP 2890700)

This invention relates to novel halogenated benzoxazines, to methods for the production thereof, use thereof for the diagnosis of diseases and to the use thereof for producing medicaments for the diagnosis of diseases, preferably dementia diseases and in particular Alzheimer's disease, in humans and/or animals. more