During my PhD-thesis at the Werner Siemens Imaging Center, I focused on the establishment of radioactive and fluorescence labeling strategies for mouse T cells to visualize their migration patterns in vivo in diverse tumor and inflammation models. Another main topic of my thesis was to determine the influence of the administration route of therapeutic T-cells on the antitumoral efficiency in an animal model for endogenous pancreatic cancer.

Meanwhile I am interested in the interplay between the immunesystem and the microenvironment of the primary tumor or metastases. My team is focusing on myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs), which play an important immunosuppressive role in the tumormicroenvironment and the initiation of the premetastatic niche. Currently we are working on the in vivo tracking of adoptively transferred MDSCs by PET/MRI in diverse primary tumor, premetastatic niche and metastases models.

Group Leader:

Dr. Christoph Grießinger

phone: +49 7071 29 87511





Sabrina Hoffmann

Dorothea Reck

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