Alzheimer disease is a devastating neurological disorder of the central nervous system affecting more than 35 mio people worldwide and is the leading cause of dementia in the elderly. Recent advances in multimodal molecular imaging allow a deeper insight into the pathophysiological cascade during the disease process, however, there is still a paucity of knowledge about the underlying mechanisms and the key drivers behind the disease. The goal of my research group is therefor to develop novel tools for molecular imaging that help to solve these key questions and can ultimately be used translationally from bench-to-bedside. Two aspects of Alzheimer disease that have been neglected in the past decades are the role of neuroinflammation and the cross-talk of the periphery with the central nervous system in states of chronic low-grade inflammation termed metaflammation. These two additional aspects and their influence on the disease severity in Alzheimer disease and the systemic aging process will be tackled by my group in the future from different molecular and functional angles.

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