2016 University Prize for Werner Siemens Foundation

President of the Leibniz Association, Professor Matthias Kleiner

University of Tübingen President Bernd Engler has presented its 2016 University Prize to the Werner Siemens Foundation. He made the award “for excellence and innovation” on Wednesday at the Dies Universitatis event welcoming students to the new academic year. The Werner Siemens Foundation has donated 12.3 million euros since 2006 - endowing a professorship and doctoral conventions, and funding the construction and equipping of the new Werner Siemens Imaging Center. In the coming years, the Foundation will invest a further 15.6 million in the development of new imaging techniques.

President Engler described the Foundation’s support as something very special. “The magnitude of the sponsorship and of the trust the Werner Siemens Foundation has given us is remarkable. It has supported the Imaging Center without making any conditions, trusting that its funds will be used to the greatest possible benefit of research. This is a tremendous boon for scientific research and gives us great freedom - it is research funding par excellence.”

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