Biologicals Development Center becomes new RegioWIN lighthouse project

Ministers of the state of Baden-Württemberg announced the funding of the Biologicals Development Centre with the NMI in Reutlingen and the Werner Siemens Imaging Centre (WSIC) of the University and University Hospital of Tübingen as the responsible project promoters at the award ceremony for RegioWIN projects. The goal of the partners is to design, produce, functionalise and test biotechnologically produced proteins, so-called biologicals, in cooperation with academic groups and companies and to quickly bring them into use.

The acronym RegioWIN stands for "Regional Competitiveness through Innovation and Sustainability" and aims to promote scientific and technological progress.

Innovative biologicals are among the drivers of the health economy. The double-digit growth rate in the European pharmaceutical market illustrates the medical need for biotechnologically produced medicines and their growing importance for patients. Biologicals are used in a wide range of areas: As novel theranostics, they are increasingly used in therapy and diagnostics, but can also be used to coat surfaces.

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