Dr. Christoph Trautwein

Scientific focus: Metabolomics, Molecular Medicine
Curriculum vitae and Publications

Email: christoph.trautwein( at )med.uni-tuebingen.de
Phone: +49 7071 29 83426
Fax: +49 7071 29 4451

Research interest

My research focus is the implementation of advanced analytical technologies into the field of life sciences and clinical diagnosis. Hereby I have specialized in chromatography, mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy and the use of Metabolomics for systems biology and personalized medicine. My expertise covers within this context the complete workflow starting from sample preparation to data acquisition until statistical evaluation. One focus of my current work will rely on designing methods for the structure elucidation of unknown metabolic biomarkers in samples such as tissue, urine, plasma or cerebrospinal fluid. Personal research interests are neurological disorders and rare diseases.