Dr. André Martins

Hyperpol. Metabolism & Multimod. Imag. Science

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Andre F Martins, Ph.D.

studied Biochemistry at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. In 2013, he earned a joint Ph. D degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry from U. Coimbra, Portugal and the CNRS / U. Orleans, France. In November 2013, he joined the group of Prof. A. D. Sherry at UT Dallas and UT Southwestern Medical Center, US , as a Research Associate scientist. During this time he deepened his interest in MRI responsive sensors and molecular imaging approaches. He is since 2019, a Research Group Leader at the Eberhard Karls University Hospital Tübingen (UKT) to lead the group Hyperpolarized Metabolism & Multimodal-Imaging Sciences (HyperM&Ms). He is one of this year's recipients of the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's Sofja Kovalevskaja Award.

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Research interest

My team (nicknamed the HyperM&Ms) is interested in understanding relevant paradigms in human pathology and physiology through accurate non-invasive biomedical imaging. The team uses highly translational molecular and metabolic imaging approaches to determine the role of metabolism in different diseases in vivo. Our research is multidisciplinary, and placed at the intersection of several scientific fields in oncology, biomedical imaging, and fundamental sciences (biophysics, biochemistry, chemistry). The team is also interested in developing the next generation of non-invasive hybrid metabolic sensors for biomedical imaging.

Current Research Topics at the HypeM&Ms:

-Multimodal/hybrid imaging of the tumor microenvironment & immunotherapy

-Tumor metabolic profiling, heterogeneity & aggressiveness

-Hyperpolarized metabolism, metal metabolism, and heteronuclear MRI

-Functional quantitative imaging with engineered hybrid sensors