• Head of Department
    • Prof. Dr. Bernd Pichler
      Director of Department
  • Deputy Head of Department
    • Dr. Julia Mannheim
      PET, Nuclear & Optical Imaging Science
  • Administration
    • Dr. Carsten Calaminus
      Animal Care, Teaching, Safety
    • Funda Cay
      Leading MTA
    • Dr. Andreas Dieterich
      Scientific Coordination
    • Ines Herbon
      Assistant to Director
    • Stacy Huang
      Assistant to Director
    • Dr. Neele Hübner
      Scientific Coordination
    • Hans Jörg Rahm
      IT, Radiopharmacy Management Assistant
    • Dr. Rebecca Rock
      Fund Management, Personnel, PR
  • Research Group Leader
    • Dr. Nicolas Bézière
    • Dr. Jonathan Disselhorst
      Data Analysis & Mining
    • Dr. Kristina Herfert
      Neurology (Receptor Imaging, Neurodegeneration)
    • Dr. Manfred Kneilling
    • Dr. Marcel Krüger
      Oncology (Pathways & Metabolism)
    • Dr. Julia Mannheim
      PET, Nuclear & Optical Imaging Science
    • Dr. André Martins
      Hyperpol. Metabolism & Multimod. Imag. Science
    • Dr. Andreas Maurer
      Imaging Probe Development
    • PD Dr. Gerald Reischl
    • Dr. Andreas Schmid
      MR & Multimodal Imaging Science
    • Dr. Christoph Trautwein
    • Dr. Bettina Weigelin
      Multiscale Immunoimaging
  • Post Doctoral Research Fellows
    • Dr. Jonathan Cotton
      Imaging Probe Development
    • Dr. Sabrina Hoffmann
    • Dr. Prateek Katiyar
      Machine Learning
  • Physicians
  • PhD Students
  • Engineers & Technical Assistants
    • Matthias Dahms
      Laboratory technician (medical)
    • Maren Harant
      Technical assistant
    • Elena Kimmerle
      B. Sc. Chemistry
    • Johannes Kinzler
      Technical assistant
    • Natalie Mucha
      Laboratory technician (biology)
    • Linda Schramm
      Technical assistant
    • Isabel Sehnke
      Animal Caretaker
    • Dominik Seyfried
      Imaging Probe Development
    • Ramona Stremme
      Laboratory technician (chemical)
  • Master/Bachelor
  • Undergraduates