Within the framework of our running projects we are permanently looking for talented and motivated

PhD Students and Postdoctoral Fellows


1. Personalized motivation letter including the specialization of interest

2. A complete CV (including photograph and date of birth)

3. Certificates and grades of University educations and potential jobs/interns

4. Names and contact details of at least three (PhD-students) or two (Master students) referees (former professor/advisor/mentor)

1.) 3 PhD students in the framework of an accepted H2020 European Training Network

The ITN project aims to develop a positron emission tomography (PET) tracer to non-invasively assess α-synuclein aggregation in the brain of patients with Parkinson´s disease (PD). In contrast to the situation in Alzheimer´s disease, biomarkers to detect α-synuclein oligomers or aggregates in PD are still missing. The PhD fellowships are part of a training programme PET-AlphaSy consisting in total 15 PhD students located in 5 European countries (Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium). The fellows will attend common training sessions, e.g. within radiopharmaceutical chemistry or imaging and have secondments at the corresponding partner universities and companies.

We are looking for 3 highly motivated PhD students with a focus in:

Chemistry/Biochemistry/Biology (f/m)

Chemistry/Biochemistry (f/m)

Chemistry/Biochemistry (f/m)

2.) Post-Doc in Hyperpolarized MRI/MRS (f/m)

We are looking for an enthusiastic and dedicated scientist with strong background in the preclinical application of novel methods for MRI/MRS and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization. The candidate should have an interest in biomedical questions in the fields of inflammation, oncology and immunology and an interest in technical challenges. A university degree in biology, biochemistry, pharmacy or pharmacology and technical skills are mandatory.

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3.) PhD student in Biology / Biochemistry / Immunology

We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated candidates, eager to work and evolve in a highly interdisciplinary environment with chemists, biologists, physicists, and physicians. The ideal candidates should hold a diploma or Master degree in Biology, Biochemistry or related fields with a focus on Immunology and/or Oncology, have the desire to excel in imaging sciences and a drive to communicate scientific results in an international environment. Previous experience with molecular and cell biology techniques (e.g. cell culture, flow cytometry, western blot) is essential. Knowledge of tumor immunology and working with small animals, especially in vivo models of diseases, are considered beneficial.

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4.) PhD student ((Bio-)Chemistry, Biology, Physics)

In cooperation with an international industrial partner and the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Transfusion Medicine, we are looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated PhD student ((Bio-)Chemistry, Biology, Physics), who is eager to work in an interdisciplinary environment to take current capabilities of in vivo blood diagnostics using magnetic resonance technologies (MRI/NMR) to the next level.

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We permanently have running projects and are looking forward for applications of highly motivated and enthusiastic students willing to perform their Bachelor or Master Thesis or their Internship in our lab.

Applicants are invited to send their applications including CV, motivation and research interest to:

Dr. Carsten Calaminus