Science Day 2021 - University of Tübingen

At the Tübingen Science Day on 2 July, there is a lot to learn and research to experience up close.

Among others Professor Dr. Bettina Weigelin will give a takl on the topic:

"T Killer Cells in the Fight against Cancer - Success Requires Teamwork".

The body's own immune cells are a powerful weapon against cancer, and in recent years many different approaches to targeting the immune system against cancer cells have reached the clinical phase. But immune cells that have the ability to specifically kill tumour cells must also be tightly regulated by our body so that they do not accidentally attack healthy body cells. Bettina Weigelin and her team use modern microscopy techniques to research the cellular mechanisms that control immune-mediated cancer defence. In this way, their findings contribute to both improving immunotherapies and making them safer.

Link to Live Stream on You Tube

Press release University of Tübingen (German only)

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Tübingen Science Day is a hybrid event.