Highly specific monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) directed against specific cell surface epitopes can be coupled with different radionuclides for both diagnostic as well as for radio-immuno-therapy. The use of those radioimmunconjugates is thought to enable more accurate therapy stratification by means of non-invasive imaging and to open new radio-immuno-therapeutic approaches. Several barriers have to be overcome to get new radiopharmaceuticals into the clinic. Applicability, safety as well as (treatment) efficacy have to be assessed and evaluated. Therefore, we plan to perform small scale clinical trials to assess the diagnostic capability of new compounds in humans, in close cooperation with our phase 1 study unit at the Universityhospital in Tübingen.

Contact: Dr. Ying Zhang, Dr. Julia Schmitt (Präklinische Abteilung) Dr. Helmut Dittmann, Prof. Dr. Christian la Fougère