Tumor heterogeneity is a major challenge for cancer diagnostics and therapy. This concept implies that the different metabolic aspects of tumor proliferation, such as nutrients consumption, mitotic rate and intracellular signaling must be studied with the specific tracer, in order to improve diagnostic accuracy.
By innovative PET-measurements we aim to improve the in vivo characterization of tumors and its metastasis. 

Radioactive tracers targeting tumor-specific antigens (e.g. PSMA), receptors (e.g. Somatostatin-receptors) or different metabolic features (e.g. glucose metabolism, membrane biosynthesis, amino acid transporter, hypoxia and proliferation) are allowing non-invasive insights into the molecular biology of oncological diseases in vivo.
Availability of metabolic data and its correlation with clinical parameters can effectively enhance the diagnostic process, helping the physician to make a patient-tailored clinical workup.

Contact: Dr. Johannes Schwenck, Prof. Dr. Christian la Fougère