At the PET-MR center three clinical departments (Neuroradiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmacy) work together to establish new imaging protocols for the identification of gliomas with a poor prognosis (e.g. IDH-wildtype) with the use of a combined protocol that includes dynamic 18-F-FET PET and 11-C Choline PET acquisition, 2D and 3D spectroscopy, DSC perfusion, diffusion kurtosis imaging and in collaboration with the MPI also CEST and gluco-CEST imaging.

In this research project the combined knowledge of the different research fields (DKI, perfusion, spectroscopy) of the neuroradiology are combined with the additional dynamic information of the PET. One emphasis of the current work is to test new pattern recognition algorithms for the automatic evaluation of these big data problems in combination with molecular information and histology.